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Sicurit manufacture the highest quality perimeter detection and sensor products, ideal for high security, mission critical applications. Products include Active beams, long range PIR, microwave and dual-technology with Doppler and have been installed in extremely high profile locations, often under demanding conditions. high-quality circuits and sensor components make Sicurit products some of the most reliable available. Sicurit are a family firm established for 40 years, who design and manufacture products with a passion and commitment to quality. Eu-SP are proud to be a partner of Sicurit and to showcase their products.
Active Barriers
SICURIT Product range
Microwave Technology PIR/Dual Technology Fence & Sensor Cable Technology HyperPower Control System Accessories
Contact           for details of the Sicurit Specialised Museum Protection range, especially designed for Paintings, Tapestries and other valuable items often placed in public areas.
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